BVI Social  Media Marketing Experts

100% Risk Free - Trial Marketing Campaign for Local Businesses 

100% Free Trial Marketing Campaigns for Local Businesses

At Ascending Digital Media Agency we believe in earning your business. We offer all new clients a 100% FREE marketing campaign in order to demonstrate our expertise. We are that confident we will deliver results & can then develop a full campaign together.

1).  Launch a Trial Campaign

We'll handle your digital marketing for 2 weeks

2.) Deliver quality leads

We'll deliver leads directly to your inbox and will have prospects calling you.

2 Week Campaign - 100% Free

Our trial campaign will run 2 weeks and we won't request a penny.

Analytics + Reporting

After 2 weeks we'll provide a report on how many leads we generated.

How Do We Generate Leads?

Our Marketing Firm specializes in online lead generation. Just how we brought you to this page, we can also drive targeted web traffic to a landing page that we custom design for you. We then use highly targeted Facebook and Instagram Ads to drive your ideal customers to your landing page for your services. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.)What is Included in This Free 2 Week Campaign?
A). We build your business a custom landing page, email followup template, & manage the ads that drive traffic to your webpage.

2). How do Facebook and Instagram Ads work?
A). Facebook and Instagram have an incredibly powerful advertising platform for which we can target your exact audience by age, gender, location, interests, online behaviors, & 100's of other factors. We are specialists at finding your customers online & bringing them to you! We can even target your past customers & retarget your current website visitors to increase your conversions even further!

3). Can I see some samples of your work?
A). Absolutely. Please use the "learn more" button to inquiry further and our team will be happy to mock up some design samples particularly for your business so you know can see the quality of our work before even beginning your 2 week trial campaign!

4). Do you work with our competition?
A). We only work with 1 local business in that industry per 10 mile radius so that there will be no conflict of interest between our client campaigns. Once you secure your location it is yours and yours only!

Your Competition is Generating Leads Right Now on Autopilot using Facebook Ads!

Learn how we can do the exact same for you, 100% for FREE!

Below are some sample advertisements. Contact us & we can show you the designs we can create for your business!

BVI Social  Media Marketing Experts

100% Risk Free - Trial Marketing Campaign for Local Businesses 

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